Weekend music sale!

HAR-SALE! This weekend, Friday 1/24 through Sunday 1/26 - all of my releases on Bandcamp for just a buck each! :)



"Name your price" on Bandcamp for 5/11 and 5/12

For 5/11 and 5/12: I’ve set all of my releases available on Bandcamp to “Name Your Price”. Help support independent music…thanks! :)



Now available: “Into The Maelström, Vol. 3: The Surge”…

Now available on Bandcamp: “Into The Maelström, Vol. 3: The Surge. LIVE: January 13, 2013”, a 50+ minute live-in-the-studio dark ambient improv soundscape performed on solo 8-string guitar on Stillstream. Enjoy! :)


ITM3: The Surge - cover artwork

New Har track available: “B’ak’tun 13”

Just in time for The End of The World: brand new Har track B’ak’tun 13” on the S4G “Doomsday and Brimstone” compilation release - available along with 58 other submitted tracks for just $1 USD (or more, if you like)…..!




Live ambient guitar sets from July on Stillstream.com tonight (9/2)…

Tonight on Nightscaping on Stillstream.com, you can hear 2 of my live solo ambient 8-string guitar sets performed on July 28th in West Chester, PA. The show starts at 5:30PM Eastern at http://www.stillstream.com/


NEW RELEASE: “Shadow District” by Har & Altus!

"Shadow District" by Har & Altus - ALBUM COVERSo Now It Can Be Told: for a while now you might’ve heard me making oblique references to a "Secret Project X" - I’m thrilled, proud and incredibly excited to announce the release of “Shadow District" on the Earth Mantra netlabel, a collaborative album by the outstanding Canadian ambient artist Altus and myself that has been over a year in the making. 

Those of you familiar with the ambient music world are I’m sure already very well-versed in Altus’ incredible works and styl

e, and I’m truly honored to have worked together with him to create this dark, brooding world we call the “Shadow District”. My deepest thanks as well to Darrell Burgan of Earth Mantra for distributing this release!

"Shadow District" is a Creative Commons release, and available for free download at the following link. We hope you enjoy!
"…an album that we think is destined to be a classic of the genre, surely one of the top ambient releases of 2012. And nothing less than music for the ages."
— Darrell Burgan, curator of the Earth Mantra Netlabel.

Plus, here’s a promo video as well! :)


Live ambient guitar set on Stillstream tonight…

Tonight on Nightscaping Radio on Stillstream.com (6/17) - I’ll be kicking things off with a live looping solo ambient guitar improv performance (on the plain ol’ Strat this time). Starts as always at 5:30PM Eastern.



My buddy and fellow 8-string ambient axeman down in New Zealand, Stephen Briggs, recorded this awesome long-form ambient guitar performance in honor of the memory of my Dad…thank you so much Steve!! :-D


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